Clarity Retreat Autumn 2024
Villa Istra, Opatija/Croatia
September 27 – October 6  > Details

Clarity Process

The Clarity Process® brings about a lasting change in your life. This leads step by step to more relaxation, success and joie de vivre. Clarity is based on modern Western psychology and ancient Eastern wisdom and was developed by the American psychologist and spiritua l teacher Jeru Kabbal (1930-2000).

With Clarity you will learn the independent and practical use of various tools and exercises that support your independence, and later help you in everyday life to bring about long term change so you can fully develop your potential.

Although we move in a group and the energy and dynamics of the group process provide valuable support, the actual work happens individually and personally.

... why

In the seminar you will learn which unconscious patterns, images and beliefs have a significant impact on your life, and how you can realign your subconscious in an effective way to fully develop the potential that is already within you.

Clarity® makes you more focused, safer and more successful in all aspects of life and leads you to your highest potential and your deepest knowledge.

Elements in the course are:
Morning yoga, breathing exercises, meditation and mindfulness, exercises to discover your unconscious patterns and negative beliefs, tools to dissolve and change them positively, good music, dancing, laughing, having fun, ...

... whom for

Clarity® is suitable for everyone who wants to come into contact with himself and combines Eastern wisdom with Western science.

The structure of the proven process offers support in a protected framework and also opens up new perspectives for spiritually experienced people.

Clarity® leads to: 
... a deeper kind of relaxation and serenity ...
... which brings you into your strength ...
... which helps you to develop your full potential.
... clarity in order to be able to make suitable decisions quickly ...
... more presence and serenity in demanding everyday situations ...
... more self-confidence, success and joie de vivre.
... clearer understanding and greater acceptance of yourself.

... by whom

Dr. Sonja Böhme and Florian Neuscheller have completed several years of training as Clarity Teachers. With Clarity Austria, the experienced team brings the internationally established education to Austria.

Sonja and Florian convince by complementing their experiences from the business world and the mindful path of yoga and spirituality and not only support your personal growth, but also offer you a structure, method and concrete options for action in demanding everyday situations. From different sides they help you to activate your true potential and to bring about a long-term change in your life.
Clarity Process Austria International, Sonja Böhme, Florian Neuscheller

Florian Neuscheller has been accompanying people for more than 20 years as a yoga teacher, shiatsu practitioner, breathing and awareness trainer on their way to more mindfulness, presence and joie de vivre. His courses and retreats at home and abroad are in demand and guarantee a deep experience and a gentle approach to true being.

Dr. Sonja Böhme
 has years of experience in business and international management. She knows what it means to be under pressure in business and to keep a cool head as a manager in stressful phases. She now dedicates her life to mindfulness and passes her experience on to other managers in training sessions. Through her studies in psychology, she expands her know-how on the scientific level and thus provides her clients with enormous added value.

... where

For our seminars we choose exclusive locations with a very special atmosphere. The beautiful location in nature, the good vegetarian / vegan cuisine and the welcome factor support the development process and relaxation.

– Villa Istra, Opatija/Croatia –

... when

Clarity Process Austria International, Sonja Böhme, Florian Neuscheller

September 27 – October 6, 2024
Villa Istra, Opatija/Croatia

Seminar costs (without accommodation/meals):

9 day retreat – for sustainable change:
Sept 27, start 4 p.m. – Oct 6, 2024, end 1 p.m.
€ 990,-

6 days retreat:
Sept 27, start 4 p.m. – Oct 3, 2024, end 1 p.m.
€ 750,-

3 days introductory retreat:
Sept 27, start 4 p.m. – Sept 30, 2024, end 1 p.m.
€ 390,-

From € 90,- including full vegetarian food

Clarity Process Austria International, Sonja Böhme, Florian Neuscheller

May 2 – 11, 2025
Glögglhof, Trofaiach/Austria

Seminar costs (without accommodation/meals):

9 day retreat – for sustainable change:
May 2, start 4 p.m. – May 11, 2025, end 1 p.m.
€ 990,-
(early bird: € 890,- / registration until February 15, 2025)

6 days retreat:
May 2, start 4 p.m. – May 8, 2025, end 1 p.m.
€ 750,-
(early bird: € 690,- / registration until February 15, 2025)

3 days introductory retreat:
May 2, start 4 p.m. – May 5, 2025, end 1 p.m.
€ 390,-
(early bird: € 350,- / registration until February 15, 2025)

From € 101,- including full vegetarian food

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A place will be reserved after payment of the down payment fee and written confirmation by the seminar leader.

Information about payment and participation conditions will follow in the days after this pre-registration by email, phone or post.


You can get personal information at:

Sonja Böhme; +43 664 4401157

Florian Neuscheller; +43 664 5131717

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